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♦ IBM Patents


Allocation method and apparatus for reusing network resources in a wireless communication system

H Ahmadi, D Bantz, F Bauchot, C Harrison, A Krishna, JL Martinez, K Natarajan, M Wetterwald, July 1998


Communication system including method and apparatus for maintaining communications with a mobile terminal

H Ahmadi, FJ Bauchot, R Bonnet, I Kessler, A Krishna, FP Lanne, M Naghshineh, C Solar, MM Wetterwald, July 1996


Method and system for key distribution and authentication in a data communication network

RE Bjorklund, F Bauchot, MM Wetterwald, S Kutten, A Herzberg, July 1996


Dynamic user registration method in a mobile communications network

D Bantz, F Bauchot, MM Wetterwald, K Natarajan, H Ahmadi, May 1996


Handoff monitoring in cellular communication network using slow frequency hopping

C Huang, DF Bantz, F Bauchot, KS Natarajan, A Narasimhan, MM Wetterwald, Sept 1995


Frequency hopping pattern assignment and control in multiple autonomous collocated radio networks

DF Bantz, FJ Bauchot, CC Huang, FP Lanne, KS Natarajan, MM Wetterwald, February 1995


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