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♦ Internet of Things (IoT) services and ontology



» ETSI STF 566 (TC SmartM2M) SAREF extensions for Automotive, eHealth/Ageing-well, Wearables and Water

TR 103 508 "SAREF extension investigation; Requirements for Automotive" [RAPPORTEUR]

TS 103 410-7 "Extension to SAREF; Part 7: Automotive Domain"


» Contributor to AIOTI WG03 (IoT Standardization) : Gap Analysis (Task Force leader) and IoT Semantic Interoperability

⇒ "High Priority IoT Standardisation Gaps and Relevant SDOs", Release 2.0 [EDITOR]

⇒ "Towards Semantic Interoperability Standards based on Ontologies"

⇒ "Semantic IoT Solutions - A Developer Perspective"


» ETSI STF 547 (TC SmartM2M) ecurity/Privacy and Interoperability of standardised IoT Platforms

TR 103 534-2 "Teaching Material: Part 2 (Privacy)"

TR 103 535 "Guidelines for using semantic interoperability in the industry"

TR 103 537 "Plugtests™ preparation on Semantic Interoperability" [RAPPORTEUR]

SR 003 680 "Guidelines for Security, Privacy and Interoperability in IoT System Definition; A Concrete Approach"


» Task Force leader of ETSI STF 542 (TC SmartM2M) Traffic Safety for Smart Agriculture Equipment in partenariat with AEF and John Deere

TR 103 545 "Pilot test definition and guidelines for testing cooperation between oneM2M and Ag equipment standards" [RAPPORTEUR]

See also News page


» ETSI STF 505 (TC SmartM2M) IoT Standards landscaping and IoT European Large Scale Pilots (LSP) gap analysis

TR 103 375 "IoT Standards landscape and future evolutions"

TR 103 376 "IoT LSP use cases and standards gaps" [RAPPORTEUR]



♦ Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) / Connected Cars



» Task Force leader of ETSI STF 565 (TC ITS) Specifications for the definition of the cooperative ITS Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) service

TR 103 300-1 "Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) awareness; Part 1: Use Cases definition; Release 2" [RAPPORTEUR]

TS 103 300-2 "Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) awareness; Part 2: Functional Architecture and Requirements definition; Release 2" [RAPPORTEUR]

TS 103 300-3 "Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) awareness; Part 3: Specification of VRU awareness basic service; Release 2" [RAPPORTEUR]


» Rapporteur of TR 103 579 V1.1.1, "Pre-Standardization Study on payment applications in Cooperative ITS using V2I communication" [RAPPORTEUR] in partenariat with SANEF


» Vice chair of Working Group 3: Transport and Network (layers), ETSI TC ITS, June 2016 - June 2020


» Author of European Norms in Cooperative ITS (in French), Ed. Techniques de l'Ingenieur, Paris, France, published in January 2020


» Rapporteur for the update of EN 302 636-5-1 V1.2.1, "Vehicular Communications; GeoNetworking; Part 5: Transport Protocols; Sub-part 1: Basic Transport Protocol"


» ITS CMS5 : Live Trial Event in Livorno,     November 2016


» ETSI STF 469 (TC ITS) Cross Layer Distributed Congestion Control (DCC) management entity standardization for ITS G5 systems

TS 103 175 "Cross Layer DCC Management Entity for operation in the ITS G5A and ITS G5B medium"

TR 101 612 "Cross Layer DCC Management Entity for operation in the ITS G5A and ITS G5B medium; Report on Cross layer DCC algorithms and performance evaluation"


» Rapporteur of TS 101 556-1 V1.1.1, "Infrastructure to Vehicle Communication; Electric Vehicle Charging Spot Notification Specification"


» French project SCORE@F Système Coopératif Routier Expérimental @ France

19 partners, duration: 2010-2013, DGCIS FUI Project


» EU FP7 Research project iTetris an Integrated Wireless and Traffic Platform for Real-Time Road Traffic Management Solutions

9 partners, duration: 2010-2011, EU FP7 Project


♦ Communications for Public Safety



» Rapporteur for the update of TS 102 181 V1.3.1 , "Requirements for communication between authorities/organizations during emergencies"


» Task Force leader of ETSI STF 555 (SC EMTEL) Study of use cases and communications involving IoT devices in emergency situations

TR 103 582 "Study of use cases and communications involving IoT devices in provision of emergency situations" [RAPPORTEUR]


» ETSI STF 472 (TC SES / WG SatEC) Reference scenarios for Emergency satellite-assisted Telecommunication Services

TS 103 260-1 "Reference scenario for the deployment of emergency communications; Part 1: Earthquake



» French project RATCOM Réseau d’Alerte aux Tsunamis et submersions COtières en Méditerranée

17 partners, duration: 2009-2011, DGCIS FUI Project



♦ Teaching standardization



» Teaching at CES Internet des objets (IoT), TELECOM Evolution (Paris)
⇒ Topic: "Normalisation et standards : principes et pratiques dans l’IoT"


» ETSI STF 515 Design and Development of Teaching Materials for Education on ICT Standardisation

Textbook and slides for lectures



♦ Mobile Wireless Networks and 5G



» Teaching at Polytech Nice Sophia - Université Côte d'Azur, Master "Electronique"
⇒ Topic: "Conception Réseaux - Cisco Networking Academy"


» Task Force leader of ETSI STF 501 (TC NTECH / WG AFI) Autonomic and Self-Managed Networks Phase 1 (3GPP)

TR 103 404 "Autonomicity and Self-Management in the Backhaul and Core network parts of the 3GPP Architecture"


» EU FP7 Research project MEDIEVAL MultimEDia transport for mobIlE Video AppLications

9 partners, duration: 2010-2013, EU FP7 Project


» EU FP7 Research project UNITE Virtual Distributed Testbed for Optimisation and Coexistence of Heterogeneous Systems

10 partners, duration: 2007-2009, EU FP6 Project


» EU FP6 Research project DAIDALOS I & II Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent, Optimised personal Services

40 partners, duration: 2003-2008, EU FP6 Project


» EU FP5 Research project MOBY DICK Mobility and Differentiated Services in a Future IP Network

12 partners, duration: 2001-2003, EU FP5 Project



♦ C/C++ Software Architecture and Development



» OpenAirInterface LTE platform (4G version)

⇒ 3GPP RRC Cellular entity, NAS-like device driver to IPv6, MIH abstract interface


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